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Fm 2012 Fmrte 12.0.2




sports management sim 2013 ffm 2012 fmrte 12.0.2 football manager real time editor 12.0.2 fm 2012 real time editor See also List of Football Manager games Category:Football Manager Category:Windows games Category:MacOS games Category:Video game development softwareThis invention relates to apparatus for cutting ties, and, more particularly, to a portable tie cutter with an automatic cutting function. In the construction of concrete foundations for buildings, such as apartment buildings, prefabricated concrete walls of various heights are assembled on the foundation and subsequently anchored in place by the use of concrete ties. The purpose of the concrete ties is to strengthen the connections between the walls and the foundation. Typically, a concrete tie is attached to a concrete tie anchor embedded in the foundation. The concrete tie anchor has a hole that permits the tie to extend therethrough, and a flange extending radially outward from the hole to protect the hole from cracking during tie installation. The concrete tie has a groove on one side that allows for embedment of a tie pin. The concrete tie is usually formed of steel, and includes a head that includes the groove and a foot that includes the hole. The distance between the groove and the foot varies depending upon the width of the head of the concrete tie. Concrete ties are typically made on a production line at the construction site and are transported in bulk in the form of packages containing a plurality of ties. When the construction site is ready for the installation of the concrete ties, the ties are manually removed from the packages and separated into individual ties. The ties are then loaded into a truck and delivered to the construction site where the concrete ties are assembled into the wall. Once the concrete ties have been assembled into the concrete wall, they are then cut to the desired length. The length of the concrete ties is determined by the thickness of the wall, the quality of the foundation, and the load to which the wall will be subjected. Typically, concrete ties are cut by hand with a hacksaw or with a reciprocating blade. Manually cutting concrete ties is very labor-intensive and thus expensive. Further, the labor involved in cutting concrete ties is very dangerous because the operator must manually hold the concrete tie while cutting the ties. Thus, concrete ties are sometimes cut without adequate safety precautions, which results in the workers suffering injuries. In view of the foregoing, there is a need in the art for apparatus that can facilitate the installation and cutting




Fm 2012 Fmrte 12.0.2

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