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Talking Heads Remain In Light Torrent haylhar




Although it was not officially released as a Talking Heads album in the United States until 1985, "The Right Thing" was the band's first commercially released single, following their appearance on the soundtrack to François Truffaut's film The Last Metro. This was also the first album to feature guitarist Jerry Harrison, who had previously played with the band's former members David Byrne and Tina Weymouth in their side project Belly. The album's cover art is by David Byrne's then-girlfriend, artist Suzanne Blier. On February 25, 2007, the album was ranked number 412 in the book, 500 Greatest Albums of All Time by Rolling Stone magazine. The album was remastered and reissued by Sire Records on October 8, 2007. Critical reception The album was well received by music critics. Robert Christgau of The Village Voice said that Talking Heads' "ten huge-tempo, muscular tracks... work coolly, sometimes viciously". Christgau described the band's work as "fellow travelers on the same road as the Stooges and the MC5". He added that the album contains two superior cuts. He also praised "Heaven's in Here", which he described as a "top-notch screed on living in a world where the experts are out of touch". Paul Myers of AllMusic said that while the album does not reach the "same level of intensity" as Talking Heads' previous work, it is "well-crafted, a well-rounded effort". Numerous reviews found Talking Heads' use of samples more prominent than their previous albums. Christgau was one of the few critics who positively reviewed the album. A review in Spin, however, stated that, "while Byrne's lyrics are every bit as good as ever, the '80s version of Talking Heads struggles for a voice. It never gets a good one." Peter Prown of Rolling Stone described the album as "profound" and praised Byrne's lyrics for their "spiritual depth". Prown also praised Harrison's guitar playing and said that he is "a gifted rock guitarist who can make three guitars sound like a single instrument". Chris Nickson, author of Talking Heads: A Discography, commented that the album's songs were mostly composed "for synthesizers rather than guitars". Nickson said that although the album had a "glorious" first side, the second side "suffers from a lack of material and an unbalanced track listing". The album was




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Talking Heads Remain In Light Torrent haylhar

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